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What is the Motivational Missionaries Tour (MMT)?

There are numerous companies and nonprofit organizations throughout the world that are helping the physical needs of people, but there is not one institution that is purely focusing on people’s hearts and minds. That is where the Motivational Missionaries Tour (MMT) comes in. We believe that children learn when they are inspired, so we give them the “Wow” factor and then feed their minds with information that will allow them to think positivelystay in school, and lead in their communities.

Why does MMT do this?

Why is it necessary to focus on the hearts and minds of people? Because in order for change to occur, a person must be open and willing to change. Once a person has an open mind and heart, everything else is possible. And this is where we are able to deliver different messages to the students, including covering important topics such as human trafficking, sexting, bullying, and much more.

How does MMT work?

The MMT Travel Team travels to different schools speaking to young adults in numerous cities and school districts to empower, educate, and motivate them.

We do this by creating and collaborating events, seminars and keynotes that allow us to convey the necessary information to students.

Within the United States, we are able to work very quickly in scheduling our presentations to the students. Once a school and/or location has been sponsored, the MMT Scheduling Team Leader will be in contact with local principals within 3-5 business days.

Our international tours take a little longer to coordinate and normally last about 2 weeks depending on the number of schools, which is determined by the tour liaisons.  We also have at least one funded presentation, known as the Power Drive, for the adults of the area that helps supplement some tour costs. Our tours are also supported by local hotels, restaurants, venues and companies that want to contribute to their children.


  • Homeland Security Miami Office
  • South Florida Human Trafficking Task Force

We are always seeking to establish relationships in each area we work in with the Ministries of Education, Government Entities, NGO’s, and local organizations in order to reach as many students and young adults as possible.