Travel Team – The Potentialists

Bert Oliva
Bert Oliva – Humanologist, Key Note Speaker & Trainer

Main speaker and host of our events.

Dionne Chamberlain
Dr. Dionne Chamberlain – Key Note Speaker & Media Liaison

Meets with Media for interview appointments and is on elf our speakers.

Alexa Oliva
Alexa Oliva – Founder, Executive Director, Logistics Coordinator & Sound Engineer

Lead in planning, organizing, securing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of the tour goals and objectives.

Valerie Leichtman
Valerie Leichtman – Co-Founder, Audio/Visual Engineer & Video Team Grip

Operates consoles and other equipment to control, replay and mix sound from various sources in live concert performances.

LJ Polin
Jonathan ‘LJ’ Polin – Lead Videographer/Camera Operator

Is responsible for the usage, maintenance and transportation of the video equipment needed for the tour.

Eric Munter
Eric Munter – Field Producer/Assistant Camera Operator

Oversees the production of a story, working to set up interviews, gather video and collect information. Conducts the research, logs the video and writes the story for the documentary and the show.

Magdalena Kalisz
Magdalena Kalisz – Photographer & Support Services

Provides on-site coordination for setup of equipment and runs microphones to participants. Assists in Breakthoughs and provides support for the whole team.