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Positive Youth Development Programs

Our programs like YPR (Young People Revolution) Tours are based on educational information that is delivered in modern, impactful yet entertaining methods. We work specifically with students and young adults in educational programs because they have not given up on their education. If they have made it this far, then they have a stronger belief system that allows them to grow and make a difference in their communities.

We encourage continuous education and leadership development. We also instill the youth with human value and respect for each other. We like to make sure they have positive reinforcement demonstrations and the chance to volunteer, providing them the opportunity to stand out and encourage each other into greatness, regardless of their school, community or regional challenges.

The underlying messages throughout every event are to create awareness amongst our youth to prevent dangers, educate them on important topics, and highlight the importance of staying in school.

We work with the Ministries of Education or Educational Leaders in each city to elect the schools that would like to participate in the tour stops. Events are allotted a 3-hour window or designed specifically with youth leaders, giving the students time to arrive to the event, participate and then receive a cold drink and sometimes, depending on our supporters, a snack.

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