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7 News Belize: Bert Oliva Reached Out To Almost 10k Kids

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Motivational Speaker Bert Oliva has been around the country on his third tour to inspire your children to reach their full potential.

Yes, they’ve probably come home and told you exciting stories of eating fire, walking over broken glass, and bending steel using their necks.

But, the real message is that to achieve goals, mind over matter is the biggest weapon they have in their arsenal. Oliva and his associates told us about the tour, and the more than 9,000 children they’ve hopefully influenced positively.


San Pedro Sun: Bert Oliva motivates SPHS students

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Over 10 thousand students attended motivational talks as part of the annual Motivational Missionaries Tour 2014 organized by the Restore Belize Project. With the assistance of Chamberlain Consulting, Restore Belize invited Bert Oliva as the guest for the 2014 tour which ran from February 11th to the 19th. On Monday, February 17th, Oliva and his team made a stop at Ambergris Caye where he inspired and motivated the students of San Pedro High School (SPHS).

Bert Oliva Restore Belize Motivational Talk-3The annual tour is part of the “I am Belize” public educational campaign in which the Restore Belize Project seeks to promote national pride and a positive cultural identity amongst Belizean youth. According to the Restore Belize Project, this is Oliva’s third trip to Belize. “On this year’s tour Oliva is the main speaker and he is well known since he is the main advisor to American business mogul Donald Trump. In his talks to the students, he motivates them by encouraging them to be positive in life and to do the right things. He assures them that they can achieve their goals in life despite the struggles they go through,” said Judith Enriquez of the Restore Belize Project.

Bert Oliva Restore Belize Motivational Talk-5During his two-hour stopover on Ambergris Caye, he met with the SPHS students and members of the public at the Rafael Angel Nuñez Auditorium, where he engaged the participants in a number of activities. “The message Oliva brings across is very fitting. Many students across Belize want to forget things, or do not pay any attention to what they want to be in their lives, but they can actually relate to the way in which he brings across his message. Oliva shares personal tools with them on how to look at life by overcoming challenges and reach their goals,” said Enriquez.

Bert Oliva Restore Belize Motivational Talk-8Speaking to the students, Oliva said that the idea of the tour was conceived three years ago and is happy that the initiative actually came to fruition. “I truly believe everyone has greatness inside of them and the only person holding them back is themselves. It is a lot easier to blame someone else, a significant other or parents or family, but the truth is that it is up to us. Everyone, before becoming someone in life, has a dream. When you have a dream, you follow it and don’t listen to detractors and you will find yourself moving up and you keep growing. It doesn’t matter who these students are in terms of gender, race and so forth; they all have greatness and so what I try to do is to empower them with personal tools to be able to succeed in reaching out for their dreams,” said Oliva.

When speaking to the students, Oliva explained that a lot of successful people have been considered CRAZY, but as history turns out, those who seem ‘crazy’ have been the most successful pioneers; merely following their dreams. He explained that nothing is IMPOSSIBLE for CRAZY people, and the common phrase of “you are going nowhere with your craziness,” turns out into success stories. He also explained that people’s failure to achieve their dreams is rooted in one word – FEAR – which he summarized in an acronym “F –false E –expectation A – appearing R –real.”

Bert Oliva Restore Belize Motivational Talk-1For third form students Ethel Villatoro, the message was timely considering the peer pressure amongst other obstacles that students come in contact with. “I think it is an appropriate presentation because it taught us about our values and that we have good things within ourselves which gives us motivation to do better. The most important part of the message that I captured is that everything is possible in life – that it doesn’t matter how crazy our dreams are, it is possible, once we dedicate and focus ourselves,” shared Villatoro.

During his visit to Belize, Bert Oliva engaged his young audiences in breakthrough experiences, such as eating fire and walking over broken glass; totally convincing the participants to overcome their deepest fears.

For nearly two decades, Bert Oliva has dedicated his life to developing “Humanology” – the scientific study of the human potential. Although Oliva and his organization called The Potentialists normally make their living by bringing these motivational teachings to the corporate world, with major clients including HBO, Hewlett Packard and Donald Trump, they took some time off to share their extraordinary talent and inspiring messages with young Belizeans in a high-energy, life-changing national tour with the support of various agencies.

Bert Oliva Restore Belize Motivational Talk-9The motivational speakers also made a stop in neighboring Caye Caulker Village before ending their tour on Wednesday where they met with students in the Toledo District.




Media Coverage by PGTV News for MMT 2014.
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The Guardian: Bert Oliva Motivates a New Army of Young Belizean PIMPs


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Written by Shane D. Williams

World famous motivational speaker Bert Oliva is in Belize once again to share his inspiring message to thousands of Belizean students. This is the third consecutive year that Oliva is offering his service for free and his only request to the students at the rallies is that they all leave as PIMPs, Positively Influential Motivated Persons.

Restore Belize is partnering with Chamberlain Consulting firm to host Oliva’s “Motivational Missionaries Tour 2014”. From Tuesday, February 11th, to Wednesday, February 19th, Oliva will be speaking to business owners, students, prisoners and other Belizeans in the Central and Southern parts of the country.

Bert Oliva migrated from Cuba to the United States when he was just eleven months old and grew up in the Little Havana area of Miami. Instead of partaking in illicit activities like his friends, he grew up responsibly and took a job at Xerox in his early twenties. He specializes in growing large corporations by focusing on the human potential. Oliva believes in mind over matter and his message to his audience is “the only person that can prevent you from realizing your dreams is yourself”. In 2012, Oliva and his team addressed over 4,000 students in San Pedro, San Ignacio and Belize City. In 2013 Oliva returned and held rallies with over 6,000 students in Belize City, Orange Walk and Corozal. This year, Restore Belize is expecting over 7,500 students to attend Oliva’s rallies. New locations included in the tour are Benque Viejo, Independence and Punta Gorda.

The tour opened at the Old Belize Jungle Pavalion in Belize City on Tuesday, February 11th, where Oliva addressed representatives of corporate Belize. Those in attendance included representatives of organizations sponsoring the tour such as the Belize City Council, Restore Belize and companies like Belize Telemedia Limited, Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina, Crystal and the Bowen and Bowen Group, Angelus Press Ltd., Belize Diesel and Equipment, San Ignacio Hotel, Belizean to Da Bone, Chamberlain Consulting, Chabil Mar, Island Magic, Celebrity, Delta Airlines, Dolphin Productions, and Old Belize. Other individuals paid $200 to participate in the eight hour seminar. The event was dubbed to be a “Power Drive” in which Oliva shared techniques to develop and accomplish short term and long term goals.

On Wednesday, February 12th, students from Belize City high schools attended three-hour sessions at the Jungle Pavilion. They also got their version of the power drive. In his presentation, Oliva broke down the word POWER to them. The letter “P” is for finding their Passion. “O” is for taking advantaging of Opportunities. “W” is for Wealth. Oliva said we should not believe there is something wrong with being rich. He said, “the more money you have the more you can do to help yourself and others.” He said it is not God’s will for His children to be poor for God’s warning is not against money; it is the love of money that is the root of evil. “E” is for Education. Oliva emphasized the importance of education and applying school lessons in life. He said education prepares one to take advantage of opportunities. “R” is for Reality. There is no unrealistic goal. If an individual is passionate enough to work hard for something then opportunities will pop up. It is up to them to reach out and grab it.

After breaking down POWER, Oliva invited a young lady from Wesley College to the stage and challenged her to eat fire in front of her peers. He explained to the youngster that if she swallowed the flames her lungs would explode but she can do it if she truly believed. Oliva lit a flint and pushed it down his throat. He then pumped up the youth by giving him a couple instructions. At the instructions of Oliva, the young lady stared at the lit flint and laughed at it. She then said, “Mama, I’m hungry!” and devoured the flame. The demonstration was one of Oliva’s famous “breakthroughs”. He uses similar demonstrations to major clients including HBO, Hewlett Packard and Donald Trump among others. After the young lady ate the fire, many others lined up to walk on glass- showing that they are prepared to overcome any obstacles to achieve their dreams.

The tour is scheduled to go to the Belize Central Prison on Thursday morning, February 13th, and Benque Viejo Town on Thursday afternoon. Friday, February 14th, the team will visit San Ignacio. Students from San Pedro and Caye Caulker will be visited on Monday, February 17th. The tour heads south on Tuesday, February 18th, with a stop in Independence, Stann Creek and the final destination is Punta Gorda Town on Wednesday, February 19th. On all these stops Oliva will be encouraging Belizeans to “Make IT Happen”.



7 News Belize: The Easy Way
to Eat Fire

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For the past two nights we’ve been telling you all about master motivator Bert Oliva who specialized in what he calls humanology – mastering the inner potential. We won’t get into his hype, but today he got roomfuls of Belize City students to feed off his mantra at Old Belize. He got them to walk barefoot on glass, and even got a young student to eat fire. He told us it’s about making a change in their personal matrix.

Oliva did three sessions with students in the city today – and he next moves to the districts…


San Pedro Sun: Making it Happen in Belize


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RESTORE Belize and Chamberlain Consulting will be hosting the world-renowned motivational speaker, Bert Oliva for the “Motivational Missionaries Tour 2014” throughout Belize. The tour starts on Tuesday, February 11th at Old Belize. This activity is part of the “I AM Belize” Public Education Campaign, which promotes national pride and a positive cultural identity amongst Belizeans.
This is Oliva’s third tour in Belize. During the period of February 11 through February 19, he will be reaching over 7,500 Belizeans in a series of motivational concerts nationwide, inspiring and energizing young Belizeans to reach their highest potential, with his trademark message “Make it happen!”
Bert-Oliva-CF1During his visit to Belize last year, Bert Oliva got his young audiences to have breakthroughs by overcoming their deepest fears. For nearly two decades, Bert Oliva has dedicated his life to developing “Humanology” – the scientific study of the human potential.
Although the Olivas normally make their living by bringing these motivational teachings to the corporate world, with major clients including HBO, Hewlett Packard and Donald Trump, they are taking this period off to share their extraordinary talent and inspiring messages with our young Belizeans in what promises to be a high-energy, life-changing national tour.

The schedule for the nationwide tour is as follows:
Tuesday Feb 11 
Corporate Session – Power Drive
8:30am -12:00 noon – Belize City – Old Belize
1:00pm – 5:30pm – Belize City – Old Belize
Wednesday Feb 12th 
Belize District Students
8:30am -11:30am – Old Belize
1:30pm – 4:30pm – Old Belize
Belize City, Belize
Thursday Feb 13th 
8:00am – Kolbe Foundation (Belize Central Prison)
2:00pm -4:00pm – Benque Viejo
Friday Feb 14th 
8:30pm – 4:00 pm – San Ignacio – San Ignacio Hotel
Monday Feb 17th 
8:00 – 10:00am Caye Caulker
1:00 – 3:00 pm San Pedro
Tuesday Feb 18th
1:00 – 3:30 PM Independence
Wednesday Feb 19th 
1:00 – 3:30 PM Toledo

RESTORE Belize and Chamberlain Consulting thanks the BOWA team and WRR their international sponsor, their Diamond Sponsors: Belize Telemedia Ltd., Radisson Fort George, as well as its Platinum Sponsors: the Belize Diesel & Equipment Company Ltd., Crystal Water and The Angelus Press. Other sponsors include: Dolphin Productions BRC printing, Island Magic and Rainbow Hotel, Belizean to the Bone, Delta Airline, San Ignacio Hotel, Chabil Mar, Wendy’s Creole Cuisine, Old Belize, Celebrity Restaurant, Belize City Council, Maritime Estates, BCCI and Channel 7.



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Media Coverage by Love FM Television Belize for MMT 2014.



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