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September 28, 2015

Miami Beach Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month Festival & Awards

Miami Beach, FL — The City of Miami Beach takes pride in cultural diversity and will once again celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with an assortment of events, including the Ninth Annual Miami Beach Hispanic Heritage Festival on October 9.

This festival celebrates achievements and contributions of Latinos from past to present. Children from the city’s Parks and Recreation after school programs in grades K-12 will present an array of Latin dance performances to music sung by popular Hispanic artists and groups.

The Hispanic Affairs Committee will also honor Miami Beach’s Hispanic community leaders who have made a difference to the Miami Beach community with awards. Each of the awardees is actively involved in fostering positive change in the community through involvement in civic and/or professional activities. This year, the Committee honors the following individuals in their respective categories:

 Businessperson: Margueritte Ramos, Outdoor Shade Company, is a hardworking, determined, leader who has helped to improve the large Hispanic community in North Beach.
 Educator: Lawrence Rodriguez, second grade teacher at North Beach Elementary, inspires his students each day to do better in school.
 Public Safety: Miami Beach Police Sergeant Jorge Garcia of the Internal Investigations Unit is the unit’s Spanish-speaking representative and investigator for the multi-cultural department.
 Adult Contributor to Youth: Alexandra Oliva of Motivational Missionaries Tour mentors children and provides advice to those who are in need of guidance.
 Other: Leonor Hernandez is an outstanding and hardworking community member that assists those who live in Miami Beach, especially the seniors.

“Hispanics are a powerful voice on Miami Beach,” said Frankie Trullenque, chairperson, Miami Beach Hispanic Affairs Committee. “And the winners exemplify the values that we most cherish – integrity, professionalism and a true caring for the community in which we live.”

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MMT 2014 Belize Press Release

Someone has to tell them…

Miami, FL – December 29, 2013 – Bert Oliva and The Potentialists are ready to give the children around the world the message they need to hear: THINK POSITIVE and let the world feel your heart. On Feb. 8, 2014 MOTIVATIONAL MISSIONARIES TOUR 2014 (MMT 2014) will launch another countrywide tour of Belize, speaking to the youth, prisoners and people all over the country, letting them know that their voice makes a difference.

“There are a lot of organizations helping with food, shelter, education, water and medical necessities but who does the work with their hearts and souls? That’s our job, to let them know they make a difference; they change how our world vibrates. If we don’t do it, then who will?” – Alexa Oliva, producer of MMT 2014.

The Potentialists use stories, music, games and breakthroughs like walking on glass, eating fire or breaking boards to teach their audiences that they can make small changes in their lives that lead to bigger changes throughout life. “I have seen these kids want to give up because they see no way out. I want to show them the power of the human will and give them tools to tap into their potential.” – Bert Oliva, Humanologist.

During the transformational presentations they will share insights on what is changing fundamentally in the world, explore concepts and techniques that can help ignite the development, personal growth and motivation of the participants.

“Learning should be fun. Life should be fun. Some people can give their money, but I believe in giving my time. Sometimes life will test us and it doesn’t matter what culture, race, religion, creed or gender you are. I want to help change the way we look at things when the going gets tough. So often young people give up before they start. I have some lessons and stories that will help and someone has to tell them they can make it happen.” – Bert Oliva

Bert Oliva was in Belize in May of 2012 and was so struck by his experience that he and his team of Potentialists created MMT 2013. Speaking of MMT 2013, Belizean Minister of Education Patrick Faber said, “It was our honor to see how your group opened up the hearts of our Belizean children, prisoners and corporate audiences… Your engagement of over 8,000 students and attendees to ‘Make It Happen’ was a resounding success.”

With a population of 316,000 people in Belize, the impact will be felt with greater immersion in 2014.  MMT 2014 is ready to come back with more tools, more people, and more resources to inspire more lives. All this is made possible through partnerships with the local government, as well as corporate and individual sponsors.

If you are asking yourself what you can do to help, here’s your chance, join the movement to celebrate humanity by following The Potentialists on tour by watching their videos on If you or anyone you know can help reach out to the youth in any country, visit It’s time to leave a mark on the world and show our spirit of helping and caring around the world.

About The Potentialists:

The Potentialists is a group of interesting and driven professionals, lead by a successful entrepreneur (Bert Oliva). They are determined to spread a message of change and help people tap into their potential to make their dreams a reality. With a mixture of learning, living and laughing, The Potentialists are set out on a mission, to empower the world, by transforming one young adult at a time.

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