About The Motivational Missionaries Tour (MMT)


Students Learning


The Movement to Change our Youth’s Outlook and Future:

Ignited by the bright potential and unique spirit that is our future, a team of inspired individuals is looking to empower young people around the world to be more than they ever thought possible through seminars. These tours are designed to travel from city to city, town to town, or village to village,  in here in the United States and around the world. We collaborate with various entities to deliver interactive, inspirational and educational seminars. Our team uses props, music, videos, and games to teach life-changing lessons.

The Goal:

To be the catalyst of a positive shift in yount people’s outlook and make the world a better place for future generations, we, the global community of leaders, individuals, organizations, and private corporations, need to take massive action. It is time for new models, bold ideas and personal courage to ensure that this century improves the human condition rather than caps its potential.

The Target:

The target audience of MMT is students and young adults. Why? Because young adults are our future. They are one step away from being in positions of power and decision-making, but still young enough to be willing to change and look at things differently. We need to make them aware of the possibilities.

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