The Human Connection: A World of Awareness

Our world is broken. There is an epidemic of isolation infecting every corner of the earth. We are all more connected than ever before, yet we are so desensitized that we are not aware of what is happening even next door to us.

Everyone feels some sort of disconnection. Everyone is craving a deeper connection with someone, but most of us are not even aware of what it is we are lacking. With today’s technology, we are not communicating in the ways we innately crave as human beings: hand to hand, eye to eye, heart to heart.

Our world culture is so saturated in an “us against them” mentality that we are more focused on things than people. We need to have a shift, but in order for us to have a shift, we first need to realize how similar we are, how connected we are, and how important each of us is to the human race as a whole. For each of us to continue to live and grow and have our worlds improve, we need to care about the person next to us. We need to care about the person a country away from us. It is time to think inclusively, rather than exclusively.

In this film, we document how a group of Americans from all different backgrounds are able to connect with people in numerous villages in a foreign country. This group is empowering children; teaching them that they are not stuck with the hand that they are dealt, that they can change it. And if they are able to change their own lives, it will ripple out as global change.


Goal of the Film

The goal of this documentary is to highlight how we are more similar than we are different. How it is time to shift our global viewpoint from an emphasis on things to an emphasis on people. We want to show that regardless of technological advancements, governmental developments, or cultural shifts, the most important resource we have on this planet is ourselves and the connection between each one of us.

For us all to survive and improve the condition of the world and the human race, we need to come together on a human to human, grass roots level.

This is a movement in human consciousness for our world. It is time to become aware of how connected we are and how powerful we are when we tap into that connection. It is about really waking up and making a conscious decision of how you are going to live this life. We each matter, we are unstoppable and together we can make a world of awareness to recognize the Human Connection.

We Need Your Help

For the past 3 years, we have been working tirelessly on a very ambitious tour of Caribbean countries, speaking to, educating, and empowering the countries’ youth and adults alike. We have toured Belize 3 times and spoken to over 21,000 students, adults, and prisoners. We have filmed and documented our entire tour thus far with the intention of creating this documentary. To date, we have fully funded our travel, film equipment, editing, and supplies with our own personal funds and sponsors.

However, in order to complete this project and get this message out to the world, we need your support to raise an additional $150,000 or this film will not be made. WOW, $150,000 is a big number, but with YOUR support, we can totally do it.

It looks far more achievable if we consider the following: if we pre-sell 4,285 DVD’s at $35 we hit our goal. The best part is, YOU can help The Human Connection come to life by simply pre-ordering a copy of this great film AND you could get your name listed in the credits of the film!

We have some amazing talent already agreeing to be interviewed along with a truckload of original footage that will also be presented in this entertaining and educational film. We are extremely excited about the opportunity to complete this film as it will help educate the world on very important and controversial subject and do so in a very engaging fashion.

Your help in completing this project is sincerely appreciated and together we can make a film that will truly make a difference!

Thanks in advance for the support.

Kind Regards,

The Human Connection Team